About us



We’re a growing and formidable team, penetrating the Skin, Hair, Health & Hygiene Care industry.
Our growing range of products are Formulated with ingredients sourced from nature, it's as close to nature as it will ever get.
Made by Coco’s founder, Nicole Nelson, was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in April 1990. Through her curiosity for Unrefined ingredients good for skin & hair ingestion, she was inspired to formulate unrefined skin, hair, body and health care products.
The first batch of Made by Coco products were manufactured in 2014 and had the specific purpose to remedy her Daughter's Eczema, as well as her stretch marks and uneven skin tone.
The product range has grown to include remedies for mild skin disorders as well as general cosmetics which improve the appearance of the skin & hair.
Each and every one of our products contain nutrients which are guaranteed to benefit hair, skin & body.
Our ingredients used in the manufacturing process are Unrefined, are sourced ethically and sustainably, and are readily Biodegradable.
Our brand actively encourages environmental conservation as well as ethical practices which is why we do not use any animal produce as ingredients nor do we test our products on animals.
While we continue to embark on becoming 100% Biodegradable, and conducting the necessary research & testing for Bio-degradable packaging; We continue to contribute to environmental conservation through using 100% Recyclable & Reusable packaging which encourages our consumers to cultivate a recycling & refilling culture at home & work.
The team has since grown to include a group of determined people who share the passion for ethical products, which serve the Environment, Humans & all our fury creatures for a higher good.
Our team facilitates the manufacturing, distribution, direct sales & marketing of our products.
We are excited to be going on a holistic skincare journey with you and we will meet you wherever you are. 

May your Health Bloom,
Coco & Co SA