A message from Coco

I'm on a mission to prove that whatever we need, Mother Nature already has (in abundance).

I'll be the first to admit that since I began formulating, it has not been smooth sailing.

When I began 'Making', I had no real idea what I was doing. I just knew that I was being guided by a premonition...

... That I was going to BEcome the Greatest Unrefined Skin, Hair, Hygiene & Health care formulator (ambitious, I know).
But I'm a manifestor, everything I've acquired in my life, I did so through manifestation, so I BEcame.
And in BEcoming so, at the same time to serve the environment for a higher & a greater good.
This came at a cost.
Often times, a cost I couldn't afford, or didn't prepare for... Emotionally, Mentally, Financially & most importantly, Spiritually.
After all, it's through my strong connection with the Divine, that I receive my downloads & am able to Emit the right energy into each batch
Working with ingredients derived from nature means that you cannot 'paint each batch with the same brush'. Even when guided by a formula, there is no amount of 'scientific proof' or 'chemical engineering' that will make a 'perfect batch'. I'm living proof that the 'perfect batch' is created when the energy is right. Each product I have formulated derives from my Highest self. What I do is a feeling, it's an ordained calling.

With that said, I am working tirelessly behind the scenes to train and capacitate my team, in an effort for me to be more on top of business, than in it.

Again, there is no set training manual that will ever prepare anyone for this Job in its entirety. Yet, I am happy to say that my team is adapting & adjusting quite well... So much so, that I have the luxury of my time to write this message 😊🙏🏼 and to let you know that over the next few weeks, I am personally creating the content.

I'll be walking you through many of the ingredients used in our products, beginning with our Sanitizers... all the way to our product consistency & texture.

Everything posted over the next few weeks will be in my own words, unscripted, authentic & Unrefined (just as I Am).