3 in 1 Cleanser with African Black soap & Prime Toner Combo

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Our 3 in 1 Cleanser with African Black Soap Helps soothe, Restore and maintain your Skin & Hair's wellbeing. 

Scented with:
Lemongrass Essential oil.
Neroli Essential oil for oily skin.

Directions for use: 
Face & Body: Pour onto your wash cloth & wash clean with warm water. 
Hair: Pour into your hands and gently massage into your hair, rinse. Repeat this step.
REMEMBER that the first wash will not create as much lather as the second wash. Do not wash rigorously.

Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside, African Black Soap, Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Coco Glucoside, Coco betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Glycerin, Vitamin E Oil, Paraben free preservative, Lemongrass & Neroli Essential oil.



Our Prime Toner is Crafted with natural ingredients known to hydrate & Mattify your skin as well as minimize the size of your pores. Contains Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial properties. Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone.

Ingredients: Rose water, Witch hazel (non-alcohol), Hyaluronic Acid 1 %, Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Pineapple Phytelene, Vegetable Glycerin , Rosemary & Bergamot essential oils, 0.5% Fragrance, and other unrefined ingredients.

Directions for use: SHAKE BEFORE USE. As a toner: Spray at arm’s length away from your skin 1-3 times immediately after cleaning your face with warm water. As a makeup remover: Spray up close onto your face and wipe with cotton pads to remove makeup.

As a Setting Spray : After applying your makeup, Spray once at arm’s length on each side of your face, and then for a 3rd time in the center (A little goes a long way). Sets within 2 minutes.